UPADTE OF THE TRIAL OF H E sisiku & CO Barrister Fru John Nsoh Recaps the court case of our leaders

6 months ago

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Lead counsel Barrister Fru John Nsoh Recaps the court case of our leaders with respect to his professional ethics, we learnt that the military could not permit any one dare take a picture. We can proudly say sooner or later images shall circulate even if it means getting them from fake crtv… well despite the optimism, we all know the judicial system in La Rep . They want to inaugurate a president who signs decrees even during elections before they get the decision from him . What a regime . We waited for 10 months and can still wait for 2 weeks


The Struggle Continues

20 thoughts on “UPADTE OF THE TRIAL OF H E sisiku & CO Barrister Fru John Nsoh Recaps the court case of our leaders”

  1. Ayuk Tabe has been killed by LRC; He is not alive anymore…; They trowed his body in the sea etc, etc, all these bullshit… You wished to have a martyrdom, thank god they didn't give you this satisfaction. Your so-called president will face a court. And if found guilty, would have to do his time. It was just amazing to see how healthy all of them looked like. I wonder why a government who want to wipe out an entire ethnical group of people will treat their leaders as such?

  2. Biya will not see next year. God has given this man to change from his evil ways , but he has made up his mind to remain evil . He said over his dead body will our heroes be free and GOD says so shall it be .

  3. Bye, bye, chantou.

    Biya chantal il est temps de faire ton paquetage quand la vraie première dame va arriver à étoudi qu'elle ne te trouve pas, fait bien le ménage car il n'est pas question qu'elle retrouve tes petites culottes dans les rangements.

    Tu es autorisée à partir avec le contenu du réfrigérateur car pour toi manger est l'essentiel , c'est la raison pour laquelle tu restes avec le vieux déguelasse sorcier franc maçon assassin et pédophile afin qu'il continue à te nourrir.

    On apprend que dans les rituels sataniques qu'il orchestre on boit du sang humain notamment celui des jeunes gens persuadé peut-être que cela aide à garder la jeunesse plus longtemps.

    Quand on voit ton ventre qui fuit vers l'avant on comprend que ton avenir est dans ton dos avec des grosses fesses pareilles tu ne peux plus aller de l'avant sans le secours d'une benne à ordures à cause de tes flatulences car il semble que tu souffres d'une constipation aiguë depuis des mois sans faire pipi popo, voilà ton corps difforme à cause du gras du bide, tes fesses hors de contrôle et ta tête qui ne ressemble à rien.

    Voilà bien la preuve que tu manges trop souvent dans l'assiette des autres camerounais moins voraces que toi et que ce comportement glouton te désert absolument.

  4. Hallelujah, thank you Jesus for you are faithful. You promise that you shall fight for us and we shall hold our peace. You say we should stand still and see the salvation your salvation come to past. You say we should call you in times of trouble and you will answer us . You say we should cast our burden unto you for you care for them. You are a faithful God who keeps his promise from generation to generation, who respect his words even more than his name. Father Almighty God thank you for the hour has come for you to defend your name and put our enemies lrc biya regime to shame. Thank you Lord for delivering our leaders Sessiko and Co and for delivering our land in Jesus's mighty name amen.

  5. The La Republic we see today, we shall not see them again when the Lord has swallowed them all in the boarder rivers because Ambazonia is a God chosen nation while LRP is an Idol you can get them from their anthem and our anthem.

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