1. Please publish your videos without showing your weapons, They make the
    international community think you are TERRORISTS and this penalises all
    of US. We know your value. Camouflage.

  2. You be fools called amba boys you win which fight nonsense criminal kidnapper TERRORIST WICKED bloody uneducated fools called amba fighter one bullet is your day idoit you people have scatter our family

  3. Always blaming la republic you think it is helping?? If you where smart you will know that not been able to depose a sitting government and fighting baselessly and randomly can only make you people more vulnerable as no one knows who you people are…as disorganised as you are with no organigram y'all are bound to fail

  4. Sorry, sirs. They carry the guns as a response to the declared war against them.
    Remember, in the beginning there was no gun, not even a knife.
    English Cameroonians are peaceful and happy people.
    You don't expect them to sit down and fold their arms while the French Cameroon soldiers are killing them, do you?
    When we will be on our own, then you will see peace and love that could never be found in the world.

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