Urgent.3 months gone.where is SISIKU AYUK?? THE MAN FOR SC LIBERATION

11 months ago

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The world now knows that the Biya administration has practically abandoned its call for dialogue with Southern Cameroonians in search of a brute route to eliminate the Ambazonian leader. The situation is very tense at the moment in Southern Cameroons as death threats are being issued to Nigerian citizens. None of the so-called Anglophone political elites have demanded the withdrawal of troops from the territory as their presence is raising the level of tension that already exists in the country.


The Struggle Continues

One thought on “Urgent.3 months gone.where is SISIKU AYUK?? THE MAN FOR SC LIBERATION”

  1. la republic of cameroun IS PLAYING GAMES. THESE PEOPLE HAVE ALL BEEN MURDERED. la republic HAS NOTHING TO SHOW. IT IS WHY THEY ARE DOING WHAT THEY DO BEST, THAT IS TO LIE AND DECEIVE with such statements as 'they in good health'.

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