Urgent-Barrister Fru John warns Biya his Ministers, and cheap Professors who are a disgrace.

8 months ago

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The Man of the Month. A MUST WATCH
Barrister Fru John Nsoh at his Best. Warns Biya his Ministers, and those cheap Professors who have dragged professorship into the mud.
This Barrister to me hit it harder today than his other outings. Tells the ministers and president to rush to USA for an apology while it is still early. Says it is very untacful of External Minister to summon a diplomat of that calibre after his meeting with the president.
That was a big blunder from the minister to have gave such utterances to a man who was speaking on behalf of usa.
Says Biya has never won any genuine elections taking the case of 1992.
Admits Biya should prepare to leave else what happened to Mobutu might befall him.
Added that Biya should take advantage of the rumour of him meeting Ambazonian president and do so or else face the wrath of the war.
Advised that Mancho be released tomorrow else sentencing him which is very obvious will spark more upheavals in Bda and who of SCs.
Said rumors that the US Ambassador was called were unfounded but that he left for his annual leave.
He said it so beautifully that Scandy Media can not articulate exactly but jealously share these videos . Thanks to Equinox prime News and Mimi Mefo for relevant questions. A must watch and thinking time for the regime.


The Struggle Continues

4 thoughts on “Urgent-Barrister Fru John warns Biya his Ministers, and cheap Professors who are a disgrace.”

  1. The government of Cameroon doesn't really love peace, stability….because if it does, at this stage, it should have atleast stop the killings and the burning of houses, properties…of the people it calls its citizens. And then seek for a real dialogue. The genocide against the english speaking Cameroonians is an irrefutable justification for the Anglophone Cameroonians to be independent. How can the fate of that country and its citizens be in the hands of a dictator that has been in power for more than 35 years? He's about 90 years old and very soon he will die so it may be he doesn't really care of the impending doom.

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