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BREAKING CATASTROPHIC NEWS FROM THE MOST DEVASTATING TAKE DOWN OF BIYA’S SOLDIERS IN MULTIPLE BATTLEFIELDS THAT KILLED 192 BIYA’S SOLDIERS IN THE PAST SEVEN DAYS WITH WORST ECONOMIC PAINS CREATED BY THE CLOSING DOWN OF PAMOL, CDC, AND TIMBER EXPLOITATION. THE THUNDEROUS ACTIONS OF AMBAZONIA INTERIM GOVERNMENT TO COORDINATE ACTIONS AND LOGISTICS ON THE GROUND HAS GIVEN THE MAXIMUM BOOST TO AMBAZONIA RESTORATION FIGHTERS TO CRIPPLING AND BLEEDING HUMAN BLOOD AND MONEY IN BIYAS’ HEART WHERE IT HURT THE MOST. The Killing of Biya’s soldiers was worse in NjiniKom and Belo with 52 soldiers killed by ADF restoration fighters who also lost one of Ambazonia finest Commander, 38 soldiers killed by Amba Tigers in Manyu, 34 soldiers killed by Powerful Red dragons in Alou and Nguti localities, 28 soldiers killed in kumba and Mbonge localities in a joint task force by ARA fighters and Bakossi Freedom fighters, 9 soldiers killed in Widikum and Batibo in a joint task force by Freedom warriors, ADF and M-13 fighters , 31 soldiers killed and washed away in Manyu river by Amba Tigers. Special thanks to all Ambazonia restoration fighters in ground zero who are sacrificing their lives and families under very difficult conditions to free and protect Ambazonian territory. Every war is horrible, but freedom and justice cannot be allowed to be defeated by tyranny and injustice of evil mentally retarded Paul Biya but thank God we have braved Ambazonian restoration fighters of men and women who are willing and able to protect our people and our freedom.


The Struggle Continues

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