5 thoughts on “URGENT Meet Ufoka Eugene the young SOUTHERN CAMEROONIAN that chased AGING LRC from the UNHCR in Gen”

  1. brainwashing your self is sad. to braoneash 10m scians is a crime. UNPO dorsnt exist. its have no link to UNO. thus cannot grant feedom to any one. if you want to look fame ous. go serve dinner to the 75000 refugees in nigeria. .else your stupidity had made every single one of you nothing. nothing but slaves if frenvh cameroun thats your fate. ok. wheres you UNGA 1608. WHO ARE YOU ADDRRSSSING. TO SAVE YOUR PEOPLE? THE WORLD? IF THE WORLD .WHRES IS YOUR COUNTRY INDEPENDENCE PAPERS? WHERES THE MAP

  2. 😂😂😂😂 u guys r very Funny, ig says u guys didnt talk Arcc says they présented? Who is liying? U guys r only fooling urself. A presection is an open section for anyone willing poor liars. Propaganda.

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