1. Yes Sir Sako Chris Anu don't need to resign he shouldn't be pressured by any bad minds of this revolution to resign SEC Chris Anu has his own mistakes just like everyone else but for now he is fit for that position of course in the future we will have someone better than him but for now he should stay

  2. A bunch of corrupt fellows in the IG. Sako you are incompetent and corrupt. Resign. Soon the IG will shut down due to lack of money. I will never donate a dime to the IG under your command. I am busy discouraging others not to donate. We don't need a corrupt IG in this revolution. You have brought a bad spirit to our struggle.

  3. Our Prezi on point, I love this mandate of ripe individuals with the best ingredients of the time… "the bandits few" want all of u determined leaders to give way so that they can re_sell the people once again to a bloodthirsty regime in the other side of the mungo…stand strong Prezi and defend ur people, we're behind u 💯%

  4. If sako cannot control the treasurer to accept to be audited, then why is he president? Do these guys in the IG think that they are talking to kids?

    I call on all ambazonians to stop donating blindly to the IG. I have confidential information that the IG has long been infiltrated by LRC. So stop wasting your money. The shock that is still to come is that our leaders in prison may have already compromised to the demands of LRC for a 10 state federation, implying no change with provinces. Anglophones, if we want to rescue our revolution, we must ask the IG yo open up and tell us the truth they know, if not do not donate your money. Mark my words, you people would regret if you keep donating to a failed govt led by an incompetent person called Sako.

  5. But my question to you my dear president is:-

    1) How come you be the commander in chief and can't have the autonomy over a common secretary of finance?..

    2)Are you for real my predident?,because I do solemnly accepted you and will continue to do so as my AIP but an AIP president without power hallo?..

    3) I need a response please, before I could ever once more again offer a dime on your coffers..

    Love you sir..

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