US to Withdraw its Military Support and Troops From Cameroon

11 months ago

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Good News Ambazonia/Southern Cameroon
Genocide in Southern Cameroons-US to Withdraw its Military Support and Troops!
According to confirm reports the US government will withdraw all its troops from Cameroon due to the ongoing genocide perpetrated by La Republique Military. Although the report fails to specifically point out the reason for the withdrawal, an insider has conferred in us that, the US government could no longer give military aid to a wanton regime engaged in crimes against Humanity in Southern Cameroons using US military equipment and training.
The United States Africa Command, General Thomas Waldhauser, told The New York Times that- the drawdown would start in countries such as Cameroon. “The U.S. would reserve the right to unilaterally return if needed to protect American interest. He said.
A Human Rights Lawyer at Foley Hoag Law Firm stated when contacted that, the issue of withdrawal of US military troops from Cameroon on the bases of mass killings of Anglophones had been raised with relevant US authorities and they said they were doing investigations.


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