Vernyuy Tina – La B.A.D (Official Lyric Video) Prod. by Sangtum

1 month ago

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Performed : Vernyuy Tina
Produced : Sr Sangtum
Directed : Chuzih
Written : Vernyuy Tina…✍🏾




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The Struggle Continues

43 thoughts on “Vernyuy Tina – La B.A.D (Official Lyric Video) Prod. by Sangtum”

  1. Am after caro and copees I cried
    After I was told I wasn't enough and I was abandoned. But today am better and tge best.and those pple want a chance. Nope we movee thank u Tina

  2. Merde her accent is something else… I've been carried away with this Cameroon accent dat even when she speaks English, I fairly understand… Ride on my fairy South African goddess… It's the accent for me

  3. Wow the song is a hit I Wanda weather people that dislike the song are blind or cannot see cause your music is a hit
    And it's rather unfortunate that you are from cameroon cause if you where Nigerian this music would have had atleast 3m likes and views keep it up girl the sky is your starting point 👍👍👍

  4. Great job Tina, just can't stop replaying. Keep flying our flag high. May your star never stop shinning. Proud of you!
    Please would you explain the meaning of the portions in dialect? Thanks in advance.

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