Very Powerful And SHOCKING Message From GENERAL Nyambere

3 months ago

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Very Powerful and SHOCKING message from Gen. Nyambere. Woooooow😭😭😭😭😭😭😭. Bro remain strong until we reach Buea.diaspora you guys are a big disgrace to Ambazonia.This thing is very simple. Sako asked for 2 million dollars to take us to Buea and gave a date of July 2018. It’s almost one year and nothing to show for the over 1 million dollars that was contributed. Next we heard of embezzlement and cover up. Why would Sako not expose those who embezzled if his hands were clean? Sako has failed to deliver on his promises and needs to go.Sako , John and Christ Anu are big thieves. Using people for their political agenda. They will pay dearly oneday.THE SECOND COMING OF GEN NAMBERE
After surviving an arrest set up by Sako and Pastor John Egowan who promise money for propaganda and wanted to use the easy way out by eliminating Gen Nambere. This is not the first General that this pair has assassinated or attempts to assassinate in other to cover up embezzlement. #GENERAL NYAMBERE, #EMBEZZLEMENT,#SECOND COMING
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The Struggle Continues

6 thoughts on “Very Powerful And SHOCKING Message From GENERAL Nyambere”

  1. Wunna plot for put Nambere and talk for back ground don fail. IG is unshakable. Our general is not the one talking. All these detractors re mad. So all this shouting is to tell lrp and its surrogates to rejoice and keep us in real slavery? Wunna don sell the blood of our pple and wunna conscience for devil.

  2. This is a Bullock always fighting to be the top I told him that this will not lead him anyway so some of us who donot make videos here are not viable? All what he is saying are lies he is a politician than a fighter. This is the same thing that make general ivo to go down nobody will take glory in this struggle except the master heavenly Father note my words

  3. G Nyanberry my brother,i know u well since 2007,ur a man of hop….please also advice our amber fighters to be careful with the same goverment,those people are mard…u talk well and 100% correct.are de with u…ur the reall man ,this was sane thing the did to Ivo and other fighters,some are bad ,some are good….please let keep our flag up….Amba for ever….wata na wata ..Sako ur head done bos.To Sako and the rest ,the same way and road way Nyambere pass came Nigeria for go take stik ,you guys should buy ur AK47 or 49 and pass same buch to join the fight on ground 0 if you thing war is earsy .we dont respect our flag and logo any more ,please rice and never to fall……Nyambere arw cut u cafe

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