21 thoughts on “VETERAN JOURNALIST Boh Herbert on Maurice Kamto saga”

  1. You re a good weapons but sometimes I'm so much troubled when I see u fighting the blame game. No matter what ur comrade does pls u guys shld learn to avoid the media as a way of handling differences. I believe u should ve a forum or platform connecting y'all, there u can air ur differences. Unity an love is strength especially in times like this. Remember there is no assurance that most of us will live to see this land free, so it's wise to fight a good fight. Love u brother.

  2. Boh herbert where are you getting your facts from that kamto is the winner? At this juncture kamto has no legitimacy over ambazonia. So he is coming to negotiate and not rule us.

    Kamto is not qualified to lead cameroon. He is not well informed.

  3. Stop this Ambazonia stuff, it will never happen, how funny it is mostly diasporans who are destabilizing our country because they are not there to suffer the consequencies of thier uterances, how selfish of you,because of you we now have refugees, children dont go to school and we could not even participate in the elections

  4. My beloved brother you have it all no more going back, #IPOB under the leadership of mazi Nnamdi Kanu Ohemadike 1 of #BIAFRAN and Uche Mefor the deputy leader and others #IPOB spearhead and #IPOB all over the whole world and home as well" is with the people of Amberzonia the southern cameroun, #IPOB appreciate your courage; good people of Amberzonia the southern cameroun, it is keep do not give up be courageous.

  5. I am shock to see some Cameroonians still claiming of Biya not giving up power to Mr Kamto. When are we going to know the country is in darkness under Biya.? We should be praying for this man to ceased this power from this Tyrant who has made so many of us to seek for a better life in exile rather than our own country where we all come from. God bless Mr Kamto to do the unthinkable in that territory called Cameroon

  6. where are you?? in america which your family and we have to go at street and our childrens..
    please shut up….come hier and we go together and fight…dont be there in america and only tok tok tok tok….wait and see afther this election .

  7. Boh Herbert, you are a con artist with unrestrained ambitions.

    In every struggle, there comes a critical juncture where people have to put aside their personal ambitions and work together with others for the common good. I have been following Boh Herbert and his flirtations with other organizations in this Anglophone Struggle. The time has come for Boh Herbert to think of the common good and for MoRISC to join with others to form a common front against the brutal and genocidal regime under Paul Biya. All these shenanigans are a disservice to himself and the cause.

    I am a tiny voice in the wilderness. However, I am echoing what lots of real people are saying. This Southern Cameroons cause will be lost if Boh Herbert (or any other folks like him) does not hold back his mindless ambitions. People around this guy should think twice.

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