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Vision 2035 if u give CPDM The last chance

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Vision 2035 if u give CPDM
The last chance

Courtesy of… Oru Century || 2018-02-15 04:53:26

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  1. Akwe Tah says:

    How many times should we give them chances?

  2. Azinwi Simon says:

    after giving you chances for 35years you distroyed everything and start killing innocent civilians now you want the last chance so as to burry everyone by 2035. You are the most stupidest LRC agent big FOOL.

  3. Even 201000 e no go wver be lke that

  4. That can only happen in Ambaland

  5. Linda Mankoh says:

    In ur dream,we are too far from that sir.

  6. Na the level be that ok na only for next life nor how wuna see

  7. Lanso Albert says:

    Who is this stupid man that keep on posting all this rubbish, in your dreams,your even a fool

  8. u see thx weh u cozam na

  9. If you are dreaming, then wake up bo….. even you borrow one and add, it can not go

  10. u don smoke weed 4 how much today?

  11. Justus Amah says:

    Hahahaha when u smoke weed the first time

  12. Elvis Wabi says:

    Thunder fire u with that your cpdm

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