7 thoughts on “Voices: Episode 40. Independence The Only Choice For Amba.”

  1. We are NOT French Camerounais we are SOUTHERN CAMEROONIANS (AMBAZONIA). French Cameroun can go ahead and divide themself in to Nine Places for us we are Amazonias we are ONE (Not Northwest and Southwest as they call us we know now)

  2. Esteem Television – thank you for sharing this piece on your channel. Our goal is to trigger discussions and in-depth analysis of the issues that underpin the Ambazonian quest for independence, so that Ambazonians are well versed with the many arguments and challenges that may be thrown when it is time for negotiations and/or dialogue. By sharing this on your channel, you're helping Menda Films achieve its goal of education of African (and particularly Ambazonian) history, politics and social issues through this medium.

  3. Israelites stayed in Egypt for more than four hundred years. Some they had homes ,families, properties etc but when the to depart came those things were not as important as their freedom from slavery. No true SC should be giving such excuses for having our rightful independence. Freedom is the best option. Let the people go.

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