Wally Tax – I'm Not Important To You

6 years ago

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From his first solo album LOVE IN (1967). And don’t forget: Wally was never a hippie.


The Struggle Continues

4 thoughts on “Wally Tax – I'm Not Important To You”

  1. "Wally was never a hippie" …???….could've fooled me……… Looking at that "Love In" cover picture 🙄….anyway….what's so wrong about being a hippie for a blue monday…..when even The Beatles , The Byrds, Brian Jones, Eric Burdon,Jimi Hendrix and countless others were for a short while……Wally might've said that in one of his bitter moods in the cynical 70's when suddenly everything 60's wasn't cool anymore…..stating he was an original non aligned crooner…..seems a bit silly to silly me…..

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