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Wandrful palaba .this idiot issa tchuroma recognized and accepte today at a conference dt there is a…

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Wandrful palaba .this idiot issa tchuroma recognized and accepte today at a conference dt there is an anglophone problem this is wwat he said” Am soory to apologized today contraditing my word last times DAT there has Neva been an anglophone problem DAT all of us as anation ,face the same problems. ” we so it nessary to edit the errors in translating law and codes of the nation ininto English respectively as in French.

As you and ur patiman byia have started recognizing and usx crake’s methods to solve ,u shall accept us or u run ,.crzy if u cause a child to cry know DAT u will not sleep except cryx stop.

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Good for the ear the struggle continuous

Courtesy of… Menian Menian || 2017-01-26 23:24:39

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  1. sheep goat of a man canibal

  2. Fon Yudrick says:

    Really…… Hmmmmm.

  3. Con Lara says:

    Where did he got the info bcos i know tchiroma cant apologize except biya is dead.

  4. George Tamga says:

    As far as am concern, this cannot be true bcs the issa that i know have got no conx

  5. the whole issue di bore nA bore

  6. Ndum Comfort says:

    He said the other day that we are a virus in the security of this country

  7. Forget about Tchiroma ,he is a compulsive liar,a controversial human being.He attacked and critised evil biya in 2004 but today they are best friends and he is defending crazy biya to death ,when asked after all the criticisms against evil biya and today he is biya’a mouthpiece ,he said he is politician and is not a suprise to him may it could be a suprise to you journalist,and he further said that was by then and today things are not the same,so we can see for ourselves that the man is a dangerous two head snake or chameleon, he can switch camp or side or change colour at any given time depending on the situation on board,dont be surprise to see him denying biya tomorrow when things work out badly for them .

  8. fake information and u deserve a jail.rubbish issue

  9. Apology ignore,even if he said dat ,it’s toolate we don’t need them

  10. Harry Junior says:

    thunder fire that information

  11. If you think this is force info enter Google camecoboard and c it ur self in utup

  12. bcus larepublic neva accept realities

  13. Just enter Google and tap Cameroon cords and read it b4 watchx

  14. Edem Brown says:

    That man is an idiot crazy of his type

  15. Cameroon: A nation of paradoxes.The Minister of communication accepts and agrees there is an anglophone problem. He shuts the media and ban the people from talking about the problem. The Minister of Telecommunications cuts internet connections and threatens everyone who discusses or shares information about the problem. The Prime minister creates a commission to discuss with Anglophones who have a problem that everyone agrees it exists who come to the discussion table with ready made responses which they attempt to force the consortium to endorse. Failure to get the consortium created by anglophones to discuss their problems with the regime, the Minister of Territorial administration bans the consortium and order the arrest of its leaders and the harassment of all who agree with the Minister of Communication and the Head of state that there is an anglophone problem. The two anglophone regions are militarised and put under and undeclared state of emergency which the regime calls security. Parents fear the safety of their children and adhere fully to ghost town calls by keeping them at home. The regime goes out to promise security and protection for the teachers and children by the same forces (soldiers, police, gendarmerie) the children and teachers are afraid of. The regime says it is open for dialogue with the same leaders who are being chased around, harassed and arrested. I am absolutely convinced something is very very wrong with the leadership of this nation – Cameroun.

  16. We are not going back who is that man Nothing can Mike use chang ar mean kk

  17. Apologies too late! Blood has already flowed and our lawyers and family members have been abused and torured! How long shall they continue to beat us like snakes and then come vechten and pretend to say sorry? This is unacceptable!
    Never Again! The time is now!
    The struggle continues!

  18. Cash Play says:

    When he says all of us a facing the same problems, we are not suppose to face the same problems because we have all our resources we deserve a good living. That’s why we said 50/50 but they changed it to 20/80. You will soon witness poverty and the suffering we’ve gone through all this years

  19. Jeho Kimbi says:

    we love u land of peace no gox back


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