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WANTED WANTED WANTED!!! My fellow ambas if u happened to know where this guy stays weather in ambala…

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My fellow ambas if u happened to know where this guy stays weather in ambaland or a town a la republic kindly create a fake facebook account and send his details to by message to us. Spies like these are killing us on a daily bases time we start as well

Courtesy of… Ambaland Ambazonia || 2017-01-28 19:26:15

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  1. What has he done please? ??

  2. is name is romeo manfor.. he is a teacher in LA republic skul.. a big fool and looser.. stupid man

  3. dis fool looks as if he is from bamenda

  4. Whatsapp : +229 66 92 89 80

    adresse email: dah.lebga@mail.ru

    Grand Marabout Vodoun , Sorcellerie, Magie,Voyance, médecine traditionnelle, magnétiseur discret incontestable et extraordinaires.

    Vous avez des problèmes dans votre vie personnelle ou professionnelle ! ​Je suis à votre écoute et vous apporte mon aide dans de nombreux domaines :
    Amour, retour de l’être aimé, impuissance, réussite professionnelle , santé, protection, et bien d’autres choses que vous pourrez me demander. ​ Fort de mes connaissances que je tiens de mes ancêtres, je saurais vous aider et trouver la solution grâce à mon savoir-faire. Les résultats vous surprendront.

  5. Masang Ake says:

    See yi face like issa chiruma yi own

  6. some of these spies thinks there are BIR and strong: laughing at u all cause your wickness will be on your family members when the time reaches, before u know it your head will be our profile picture

  7. Tell us what he has done.Clearify us.

  8. Acha Lolo says:

    Anyone knw him shld sent us his skul n names used there

  9. Apino Eseme says:

    who are u to declare someone wanted u bloody civilian.some of u dont even know that uploading someones picture on social media is a greater crime but yet u claim to know ur lefts and right God have mercy on ur soul and justice will hold on u one after another

  10. Cash Play says:

    Fuck you Apino, how can you be living in Yaoundé and your profile shows your in London, are you a ghost, fucken spy

  11. you are instead the fucken spy

  12. Apino Eseme says:

    i hear u people say spy here and there and my question is what are u guys into that i am spying? is it buisnes or an exam pls i want to know.

  13. Cash Play says:

    Apino Esseme only you know the answer to your question

  14. He does that only for cigarettes and beer. But forgetting the feature

  15. Suzy Sparks says:

    He de like use condom

  16. you see people killing people on their right you still

  17. call the victims are you in your normal senses?

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