WARNING, WARNING, WARNING!!! FELLOW AMBAZONIANS, I salut your enthusiasm, eagerness, readiness …

1 year ago

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I salut your enthusiasm, eagerness, readiness and bravado and level of resistance against all forms of oppression from the Yaounde regime of Biya,,, all of us have been magnificent so far. Our strength, inspiration, no-giving up attitude as well as optimism have been second to none, and it has kept us stronger till date… But l must warn some of our fellow AMBAZONIAN LEGAL PRACTIONERS and SYMPATHIZERS, who through our intelligence correspondents in FRANCE particularly in PARIS, I gather that they have an appointment with a group of French lawyers this coming week in a bid to “BEGIN LEGAL PROCEEDINGS AGAINST THE YAOUNDÉ GOVERNMENT”.

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I will like to reiterate here that such a meeting should NOT HOLD,,, it should be cancelled. That meeting will do us more harm than good.


The Yaounde regime is France in disguise. Biya is working for France. He was employed by France, has been guided by France till date and can be kicked out by France at anytime if they deem necessary. This holds same to other French Neo-colonial African countries (CAMEROON, CHAD, CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC, GABON, COTE D’IVOIRE, CONGOs etc). Cameroonians have been Biya’s slaves, while Biya is France’s slave. Infact, Biya sold Cameroon for his political glories.
Now, my question is WHY SHOULD WE STILL TAKE OUR PLIGHTS AND GO SEEKING FOR A POSSIBLE SOLUTION FROM THE SAME FRANCE AGAINST BIYA’S REGIME? BIYA IS REPRESENTING FRANCE AND FRANCE IS BIYA’S REGIME. I thought by now, most if not all of us would be aware of the fact that the pains, misery, tortue, abductions, rape and killings meted on us for all these years has been caused by the ZEAL TO SATISFY FRANCE, THE SLAVE MASTER AND MAINTAIN THE STATUS-QUO. Taking this issue or discussing it with France explains only how stupid we will be, for NOT REALIZING THE ORIGIN OF OUR PALAVAS. It is often said ” TO SOLVE A PROBLEM, WE NEED TO UNDERSTAND ITS ROOT CAUSE”. Dialog of any form with France is tantamount to selling our struggle to our opponents in a platter of gold. France will diplomatically capture us and all our intended strategies and will tacitly use them against us. That said meeting SHOUL NOT HOLD,,, EVEN DEMONSTRATIONS/PROTESTS AND PETITIONS SHOULD NOT BE DIRECTED TO FRANCE EXCEPT IT IS TO TELL THEM IN CLEAR TERMS TO “LEAVE US ALONE” . France is the highest manipulator in the world. Make France an enemy and we have started solving our algebra. We have powers like U.S.A, U.K, SWEDEN, PORTUGAL, SPAIN, GERMANY, CANADA, NETHERLANDS etc, which we can petition to, demonstrate and protest for them to help look for solution to our problem and NOT FRANCE. FRANCE WILL ONLY HELP MISLEAD US THE MORE… Open your eyes people. There is this lot of work to be done, as l realize many still don’t understand the main source and game plan of our problems.


10:55 AM AMBAZONIA TIME, 28/01/2017.

Courtesy of… Chris Bongam || 2017-01-28 10:02:21

The Struggle Continues

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