WAS Conversations – Session 6: Sexual Politics in the Global South

1 month ago

Welcome to WAS Conversations, a monthly series dedicated to advance sexual health and rights for all. 

Session 6 was dedicated to Sexual Politics in the Global South, including sexual health and sexual rights in different countries. We invited 3 experts from South America, Western Africa and Asia to discuss sexuality and gender politics. Positive realizations as well as limitations and threats opposed to sexual rights are presented based on specific local situations.


Horacio Sívori, PhD
Anthropologist / Chair – Latin American Center on Sexuality and Human Rights, State University of Rio de Janeiro
“Sexuality, contestation and care in Global (South) Politics”

Larissa Kajoué, PhD
Researcher in Political Sciences / Assistant Lecturer, University of Buea Cameroon
“I can´t imagine my life without the Internet – Exploring the dynamics of gender, sexuality and power mediated through digital Cultures in contemporary Cameroon”

Sharful Islam Khan, PhD
Social Scientist / Head – Program for HIV and AIDS, icddr,b Bangladesh
“The intersection between sex and politics: Where have we gone wrong?”


Alain Giami, PhD
Chair – WAS Scientific Committee / Associate Editor of Sexologies: European Journal of Sexology and Sexual Health


Elna Rudolph
President – 25th World Congress for Sexual Health / Medical doctor and Sexologist

Uwem Esiet
Honorary President – 25th WAS Congress / Convener of Africa Conference on Sexual Health and Rights


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