One thought on “Watch Minister Atanga Nji talking about Southern Cameroon issues…”

  1. Mr. Paul Nji stop going around telling lies that the Fons and chiefs has agreed that Mr Paul biya should run again for election. When u go around bribing them forcing them they will likely say whatever you want them to say,because they felt threatened. (1)I disagree with you because the Fons or chiefs have no right to decide for me whatsoever, that is why I said u are very stupid. (2) You said Paul Biya is the best person to manage the country, other can not or have never managed even a little store, but see where ur colonial master (Big manager )had taken the country to. Before u go sweep someone house , sweep ur first. It boil down to u now ,U were a bad manager in the bank in Douala that's why u bankrupt the bank, that is a sign of bad management. U and ur colonial master are good manager or bad manager. ?. (3) Tell me how long GOOD must suffer for bad. Because every time good which I mean (SOUTHERN CAMEROONIAN PEOPLE )open his mouth BAD which I means( L RC ) will say u must be Mad. It has been long 56 years in agony we can't take it anymore or stand it .enough is enough. LIVING FREE OR DIE.

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