39 thoughts on “WATCH| Special Message to Zimbabwe Citizens”

  1. Zimbabwe is full of Educated fools and cowards, this is the time to rise up and say enough is enough, surprisingly teachers and other civil Cervantes went back to work mxm. You are getting paid peanuts and you go to work are u crazy?

  2. As long as you are not ready to die for a coz dont do it becoz those who died for a coz did not do it for themselves but they did it for the future citizen. Can the generation which exists in Zimbabwe do somthing for the future generation? Never this is the weakest generation to ever exist in Zimbabwe busy thinking about themselves.

  3. In diaspora, I told a friend that Zimbabwe needs a civil war or terrorism, I used to judge north, east African countries for their many coups and civil wars, but now I admire them.

    France is already a prosperous country, they went through a fraction of what we went through, but they protested for weeks, Macron gave in to their demands, but they still continued protesting and now demanding him to step down.

    They deserve their prosperity, they left their jobs that paid real money so they could protest, and Zimbabweans don't hv jobs and still won't protest.

    We must unite and take action.

  4. Do you know the greatest agency for a mass demonstration, the church. They could mobilize people into demonstrating, like the catholic does in DRC, Philipines and other countries. ML King mobilised a church movement and demonstrations

    But our local chuchs are pathetic, just exploiting the already suffering, they are not united, and they don't care, they are benefiting from this crisis.

  5. Hamuzive zvamuri kutaura just need to have mbiri zvisipo Chamisa and the group must be hanged why they want people to suffer for their power hungry the problem is mdc hapana zvamunoziva ana Amai .

  6. Imimi asika murikure we are on Ground Chamisa is the problem by now dai Nyika yakudadisa mdc being used with the west to distroy the country sister take your time you are based on fake news thus mdc Chamisa. usaita dzungui nyatsofungisisa tiripo paGround

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