We are here to Protect our People – Ambazonia Freedom Fighters Declarations

11 months ago

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As we said the self defence forces will have to be taking a no return phase of putting a face behind the acts. Our fight is legitimate and our people needs to know who are fighting for their freedom. There are hundreds of groups like this that have come up to defend our sovereignty, must are inspired by established groups others gets organised and advise by established and professional self defense groups . If you have been doubting if this is for real , now you know. If you are a colonial administrator, call Yaounde and inform them that you are abandoning ship. If you arepart of the forces of terrorism of Lrp army , you should be afraid and have no sleep. The colonial era is over . All accomplices should stop the betrayal. Fear is gone and Ambazonia independence is entering a stage of holding and self governance. All sellout Fons and Chiefs should park fine


The Struggle Continues

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