We made some changes -Very important

2 weeks ago

Reduce exposure to Covid-19 and start shopping online

Thanks for watching my video!

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The Struggle Continues

22 thoughts on “We made some changes -Very important”

  1. GM CRYSTAL. When you have the time can you send my the cell phone number to ask hair questions only. I’m new to your channel as of 2weeks. I love all the knowledge you provide. Can’t wait to order but I’m not sure for my hair type.

  2. GM Crystal. I took down my loc 3 months. My hair is healthy. What products would you recommend from start to finish.
    I am not a stylist. I would be taking the products to my stylist to use on my hair.
    Love your channel.
    Thank you

  3. Hello Chrystal! I was watching one of your previous videos and unsaid u didn't want to be behind the salon chair for long. Well, I believe ur this statement is coming true for u! I'm so proud and happy for u! You are so educated about what u do as a career and how just using Natural ingredients can go a long way. Keep up the excellent work.. I believe u r on the way to a successful and rewarding career!

  4. Congratulations on all your success. Can you give us a 30day notice on salesπŸ˜‚. I guess I'll have to shop black friday sale. So much I want to get from both sites. I'm so happy for you. When will you bring back the Jessica. Unit? Hope I got the name right. In the video you said it was the very first you'd made for yourself: I appreciate all of your hard work.

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