What in the World is a Fishing Genet? | National Geographic

13 years ago

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How does this genet hunt for fish without getting wet?
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What in the World is a Fishing Genet? | National Geographic

National Geographic


The Struggle Continues

31 thoughts on “What in the World is a Fishing Genet? | National Geographic”

  1. "the animal evolved from some other animal to better suit his needs in this enviroment. (catching food with his whiskers)"

    That has the same explanation power as "God did it." God created the Genet to use his whiskers to help hunt for fish. Tell me I'm wrong.

  2. Actually you're very wrong when you say that the Bible has no relevance to today or science. For example the laws that were laid down for the Jewish people concerning hygene were thousands of years ahead of their time. Some of those principals have just been "discovered" by modern medicine within the past 50 years. There is a lot more fact and science in the Bible than you know.

  3. "the animal evolved from some other animal to better suit his needs in this enviroment. (catching food with his whiskers)"

    That's not evidence. You actually started with an assumption that evolution is true and came to a conclusion based off that assumption. The explanation you gave explains nothing at all.

  4. Actually the mathematical probability that evolution took place is 100 to the 10th to the 100th to the 1000th power a number that no computer on Earth can calculate. Even Darwin stated he did not believe in evolution and that is was only a theory. On top of that Darwin's assistant who was the biggest proponent of evolution stated that evolution was impossible and could not happen.

  5. evolution can not be proven, i mean if u believe it, it can, but if u dont believe it, then no ones going to change your mind because of proves, cuz they are all questionable…
    lol "google it and see the truth"…dumbest fucking thing ever…so if there are sites about ufo, yetis ang goblins, PROVING that they live here on earth, u gonna believe it? amateurs..

  6. You're confusing the scientific definition of theory with the common meaning of the term.

    In science the term theory means a logical explaination of a particular phenomenon that is suggested by evidence, like Newton's gravitational theory, or Dalton's atomic theory.

  7. i love how every animal has its own individual ways and strategies to eat, to move, to adaptate, to breed and stuff. plus look at that paw while daping loool

  8. @ermatriforme yes, but mustelids are caniformia, the suborder of carnivors that contains dogs and bear, while the viverrids belong to the Feliformia suborder, which also contains the cats, mongoose and hyenas. So although not closely related to wither cats or dogs, viverrids are more related to cats, than to dogs and mustelids, similarly with hyenas.

  9. The aquatic genet (Genetta piscivora) is one of the rarest carnivores in the world and it lives in DRC. It belongs to family Viverridae as the other genets species, civets and linsangs. There are also very few photographs taken; this video is really amazing.

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