What is happening Cameroon? // Anglophone Crisis

4 months ago

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What is happening Cameroon, do you think Anglophones will get their independence or maybe their former rights? tell us in you’re comments of you’re thoughts. Thank you for watching!

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The Struggle Continues

One thought on “What is happening Cameroon? // Anglophone Crisis”

  1. Hello and thank you for watching, thank god I finally have time to make a video, anyway,

    I have to clear some points since there obviously are some mistakes or unsaid important points,

    -There wasn't peace and stability in the region ever since the 2000's,
    -This wasn't the first uprising that had occurred within the region,
    -Many innocents from both sides had lost their life, only because of judges within the region

    . From Cameroon 300+ we're killed (as of March 2019)
    . From Ambazonia Hundreds killed (as of October 2018) Estimated 120
    . Total amount of deaths is 420 (as of October 2018)

    Everything is from Wikipedia so please correct me if I am wrong.

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