What Is He Even Saying

7 months ago

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Free southern Cameroon, Free Ambazonia, Let the people go. we bring you latest news from ground ZERO. Genocide is happening in Southern Cameroon ( Ambazonia ) and the world is silent about it. We cant take it any more, The world must see what is happening in my country. AMBAZONIA oyehhhhh……..


The Struggle Continues

4 thoughts on “What Is He Even Saying”

  1. Tapang you are confused, you said the amba boys will be crushed by lrc and ask them to drop their arms. You are mad.you are like ayaba, bareta. You people need to repent be4 it is too late. You see that blood ? It is crying for vengence. Thieves, friends to atanga nji. Your blood drinkers.

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