What is the Role of a Municipal Councillor?

2 years ago

Local and metropolitan municipalities are divided into wards. A ward councillor represents a specific ward on the municipal council and is elected in local government elections through the first past the post system. A Proportional Representative councillor represents a political party on the municipal council and is elected through the system of proportional representation.

The duties of a councillor are:
1. Represent the people in the municipality and cooperate with other councillors in the best interest of the community.
2. Councilors must communicate the needs of the community to the municipal council.
3. Councilors must communicate council processes to the community.
4. Prepare and attend meetings unless they have a special leave of absence.
5. Monitor the performance of the municipality and raise issues of concern with the relevant bodies and provide feedback on the municipalities performance.
6. Follow the code of conduct which includes not disclosing information to people that can unfairly benefit from it.

Ward councillors are elected directly by the people in their wards. and chair the ward committees.

Municipal councillors can be held accountable through:
1. Elections – voting for someone else or different party
2. Party political meetings
3. Participation meetings
4. Personal contact
5. Enforcement of the code of conduct.
6. Letters, petitions and media
7. Peaceful protest


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