What was the Kanem Bornu Kingdom Known For? | Sankofa Pan African Series

1 month ago

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What was the Kanem Bornu Kingdom Known For? | Sankofa Pan African Series

The Kanem–Bornu Empire existed in areas that are now part of Cameroon, Chad, and Nigeria. It was known to the Arabian geographers as the Kanem Empire from the 8th century AD onward and lasted as the independent kingdom of Bornu (the Bornu Empire) until 1900. The Kanem Empire (c. 700–1380) was located in the present countries of Chad, Nigeria, and Libya.

Watch this Episode as Dr. Bunmi sheds light on this intriguing kingdom.

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7 thoughts on “What was the Kanem Bornu Kingdom Known For? | Sankofa Pan African Series”

  1. Please correct the Title before any white people see it!! It should be *known for, not "know for". Thank you for your great videos and great information. This is the kind of knowledge that I need in my life. And also the kind of knowledge that is so hard to find in the west because of all the propaganda from the main stream media, which is primarily focused and degrading black Americans and Africans and black people in general. I have watched most of your videos so far. Thank you for sharing the truth!! It has been such a blessing to me!!!
    God bless.
    – Your subscriber from California

  2. Bravo mama Afrika bravo! I must watch this a few more times. I was mesmerized by the improvement of your presentation, almost flawless, you were comfortable and relaxed, the words just rolled off your tongue without bucking. And your pronunciation, oh mama Afrika, flawless. Nice job, well put together product. We love you mama Afrika. Keep up the wonderful work.

    You’ve become my teacher , I know nothing of this empire. Thanks again.

  3. A POET SPEAKS (204).


    Thanks for another great historical lecture with indepth analysis. Keep the good work up Dr. Bunmi Oyinsan. I appreciate your scholarly competence and efforts as well. But one thing I don't quite like in this presentation is the utilization of the term "Sub-Saharan Africa". The term Sub-Sahara-Africa was created by Caucasians with racial motivation intention to differentiate between the Arabs of the north Africa and the rest Africans, – the later considered to be inferior and lesser beings. Personally I have started writing our narrative in which all degrading and dehumanizing european termilogies and phraseologies are completely discarded, can-trashed and drain flushed. I hope that some more African writers would share my feelings and conceptional idealogy. Words like "WHITEMAN" which perpetuate white supremacy claim should be replaced with Caucasian, or "Cclor-controversial" person, –
    because the Europeans clacify themselves to be white, while others view them to be more related to pink than to white. If they think that they have the right to give us names like people of color, etc etc, thus should we also have the right to name them what they seem to us. Period. May the Most High protect and bless Mama Africa and her entire progeny and descents worldwide. Ase'/Amen. (By former Publisher and Editor of an international, Pan African Magazine in Germany titled the African Monitor). Copyright reserved.

  4. I'm not saying this cuz I'm descended of Naba (Boulala) but our ancestors fought for independence from Kanem as they were always was I’m just saying it coz you didn’t mention the war which leads Kanem to immigrant to borno thank you for your effort Dr Bunmi

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