15 thoughts on “When they LIE that AmbaBoys don’t commit attrocities, send them this video – www.kontripipo.com”

  1. These are the side effects when Paul Biya destabilized Ambazonia by declaring war on the people after their PEACEFUL PROTEST MATCH for their right to Federation. We MUST continue to identify and weed-out bad AmbaBoys as we have been doing. Biya declared war, not Ambazonia. AmbaBoy are FIGHTING a JUST COURSE ✊🏾

  2. pmbilian BAHBIT, your logic is always infantile, if Paul Biya is the cause, then why are Ambazonians destroying anglophone Cameroon through beheadings, chopping fingers, maiming people, extortion, school closures, kidnappings, infrastructure destruction, intimidation and so on. |There is nothing like good and bad ambazonia. Ambazonia stands for wickedness because ambazonia wants a genocide in anglophone Cameroon to attract international attention since none is forthcoming. That attention will never come, so ambazonia is doomed.

  3. MR biya did not declare war.the criminals bandits called ambajuju were killing and killing for months and celebrating their atrocities with the so called diaspora,making mockery to the Cameroonian army with Eric Tataw,exposing the head of the decapitated people and soldiers on social media media.eric Tataw the chief master manipulator and propaganda of IKOME SAKO was boasting banging his chest and saying he has defeated the Cameroonian army.Mr biya started acting later when he came from Abidjan.

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