When we call Amba boys Uneducated fools

6 months ago

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These videos are NOT by any way to promote violence or terrorism but to document and let the world know what is happening in my country Southern Cameroon. put the guns down we need PEACE.
Free southern Cameroon, Free Ambazonia, Let the people go. we bring you latest news from ground ZERO. Genocide is happening in Southern Cameroon ( Ambazonia ) and the world is silent about it. We cant take it any more, The world must see what is happening in my country. AMBAZONIA oyehhhhh……..


The Struggle Continues

One thought on “When we call Amba boys Uneducated fools”

  1. I detest this particular sell out blood tasty voice. Y'all who have taken blood money from biya n is supporting evil will go down with him. For your time is up mr buffoon. You call people uneducated ,whereas you are the greatest traitor n foolish greedy man of the 21st century who will stop at nothing but to see his own people been brought down. You can not fight n win a people mr fool, especially when their fight is just. Let's watch and see how this whole drama unfolds, and how your 100yrs old babies mama killer machine ends his own life n politcal history nonsense. I will give to you garry to drink mix with sand and bile any time any where you show up try me

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