When Will Anglophone Crisis Come To And End In Ambazonia

7 months ago

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The Struggle Continues

15 thoughts on “When Will Anglophone Crisis Come To And End In Ambazonia”

  1. Point of correction: We Biafrans are not comfortable in Nigeria today.
    We are subdued and intimidated cos we surrendered because of the high mortality imposed on us by the luciferian Nigeria government during the war.
    Today we are agitating for our independence just as we were before Britain came and forced us into Nigeria without our permission.
    Biafrans if care is not taken might even go to war again very soon with the Nigeria government if they fail to give us a referendum. And this time there won't be any surrendering.

  2. ambazonians are extremists in Southern Cameroon who have lost their cultural identity. If not of the imposed English culture, what is the difference b/n the people in Santa and Mbounda, Bangwa and Dschang,
    Moungo and Bakossi,
    Douala and Bakweri,
    Bamoun and Nso, etc.

  3. Who started the violence u speaking of if u think freedom is given then u shall remain slaves forever la republique du cameroun is a surrogate countries so southern cameroons cannt be under a surrogate

  4. We all know who is the agresor and war monger LRC. Any body speaking of Peace without justice is the real enemy of Ambazonia even if his or her love one has been killed or not. Hiding the truth won't help any of you guys back home who in one way or the other is leaking sult from LRC. Ambazonians fighting in factions is the best way to deal with anybody backed by the French policy. Because their way of solving crisis is to divide and corrupt, same time postponed the crisis to the next generation. Ambazonians has made it difficult for France to carryout their manipulation strategy. Mediation on a neutral ground with an international mediator UN and AU representatives present between LRC on one side, Southern Cameroon Ambazonia on the other is the only solution to stop the war.

  5. You are the agent of Biya. Biya does not Want you.but you want to Force your SELF to them. KNOW THAT HE IS not your friend and he Kills you without pity.youare picking bad money that Confuses you. You can't force a Back

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