8 thoughts on “Where are our Leaders VISIONS??, PLO Lumumba, Iam Afro Optimist”

  1. This is a great speech by Prof Lumumba, or collection of exerts, but let me focus on the few points I feel he has got wrong and needs to look at urgently as he risks mis-educating young Africans and African leaders on these important points vital Africa's ability to free itself poverty. China has grown economically because it did business with the world and was competitive due to the fact it learnt to manufacture things the world needed and could do so at a cheaper rate because its people could afford less money to live than its competitors. They had friends to share technology and know-how with them and built an education system and institutions to secure what was learnt and built an infrastructure that ensured this technology and know how would spread quickly and far. Africa can do this too, but it will need friends who are happy to share the technology and know-how and then education systems and institutions that secure this technology and know-how and spread it through an infrastructure that allows it to spread quickly and far. In China, Africa has at last found a friend that is happy to share technology and know-how while in the past Africa has trusted those whose aim was to keep Africa poor and vulnerable to exploitation and so did all they could to ensure technology and know how would not be shared with Africa, education systems that can secure the knowledge of technology and know how would not be built and an industrial revolution that would allow knowledge of technology and know-how would not spread in Africa. As for Africans speaking Mandarin, today richer nations are teaching their people Mandarin so that they can take advantage of doing business with what will soon be the worlds strongest economy, just like the Chinese taught themselves English to take advantage of business opportunities with what, at the time they were poor, were stronger economies than theirs. To complain or not encourage Africans to learn Mandarin is to look at African challenges with colonial which want to keep Africa poor, as without Mandarin Africa will decrease its ability to take advantage of business opportunities with what is soon going to be the worlds strongest economy. African eyes will say Africans should learn Mandarin, like the Chinese learnt English as part of a strategy to bring China to the economic strength it has today. The unique thing about Africa is that its wealth of natural resources makes it able to create loan structures with China that will not disrupt Africa's ability to gain technology and know-how, build education systems that secure that technology and know-how and build infrastructure through an industrial revolution that will spread that technology and know-how quickly and far all over Africa. This has always been stifled by former colonial powers and those that colluded with them in the past to keep Africa poor. We must look at Africa and Africa's challenges with African eyes and make our business deals bringing into Africa not just money to fund building, but also technology and know-how to ensure Africans can both extract their resources and build infrastructure, transport systems, specifically African educational institutions and systems, such as class rooms and source materials from films, to documentaries, to books, themselves. Africa can fund all this and build quicker than any other nation before through its sale of natural resources like the Arab nations did their building through selling their oil, and Africa should not hold back in worry they will suffer the same fate from debts as they did in the past as they can control the market value of their natural resources like OPEC to ensure a correct market value for their natural resources, in partnership with Latin American nations if need be. Peace and love

  2. 'Leaders like Paul biya, kabila, eyadema, obasanho.buhari.atiku.'ali bongo.outtara.nana addo.musuveni.kagame.derby.cyrill ramaphoosa. Nelson mwanagwa. Zambia all african leaders have zero vision. None whats soo ever. If they did. Theres no way america and europe can be bribe funding Au. And they staying in power for 3 terms and sill never leave

  3. Change educational calicurum, eradicate European history, geography and other useless languages, adopt a common language, set goals and work towards them,get common economy checks and balances,free people from dictatorship, combine the army be creative, embrace creativity and innovations, drop the foreign religions, follow our history book,(the holy scripts) ,make Africa great and shine again and forever. Peace blessings, happiness and love,.

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