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Which Baptism is the correct one because I’m lost?

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Which Baptism is the correct one because I’m lost?

Courtesy of… Tanyir Basile || 2018-01-12 11:04:00

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  1. What makes baptism is not the action but the belief and faith that accompanies the act.

  2. Sama Clovis says:

    They is only one style of true baptism .u most be Baptist with all ur body soc in the water .so all ur since can be wash away.that is how our lord Jesus was Baptis .so its A

  3. sorry guys the bible does not specify the way one shld be baptised

  4. where is it writen in the bible that A or B is the only way to baptise pls show me biblical proves

  5. Noyeh Violet says:

    Jesus Christ was baptized by imesion so na yi we de follow.

  6. What u bend on earth will be bend in heaven both r correct Mr man

  7. Kiseh Sixtus says:

    Whether u are baptised on a tree even with a drop of water in the name of the father, son and holy spirit once the believed is there,confirmed. There are many ways to take bath.

  8. Eva Morena says:

    Follow the one Jesus did cos we live by his example

  9. Ebony Black says:

    Who is the author of the bible?

  10. u hve said it all that is what people fail to understand the most important thing is the belive behind it n nt the method used

  11. Mbah Bello says:

    Non blc there are not of any importance to the african man that we are

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