5 thoughts on “Who Is Ambazonia To Dialogue With? Not The Cameroon Republic.”

  1. As a United Nation trust territory…Ambazonia needs to keep forcing an audience for themselves at da international high table.

    The revolution should NOW be for Ambazonia to redial back into the plebiscite and then resolve to outright independence OR form a federating unit with Nigeria on da West boundary !!

    The UN, ICC and Britain should be actually moving da needle on this above resolution. Ambazonia can employ a bigger country in Nigeria in order to gamer more attention from those 3 entities.

  2. One thing you should understand is that when the talk of southern Cameroon. Ambazonia do not represent southern Cameroon.
    Ambazonia is a terrorist set trying to claim the territory of the anglophones regions.
    Amba boys are terrorists radicalize by ambazonia terrorists.

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