5 thoughts on “Who kill General Ivo of ADF?”

  1. God will judge y'all. You can hide it from man, you will never hide it from God. Those mothers in batibo have danced necked in their children's grave . So , you killers should wait for the reaction. For every action ,there must be a reaction. Some of you who stand and support evil killers will soon taste a portion of God's judgment on yourselves . This is the law of nature. Nobody will kill you guys , but the portion of Cain ,Achan, Haman and Judas Iscariot in the bible will be your portions and that of all those who have decided to afflict us with unbearable pain just to fatten your belly , live big in the diaspora while our people perish on daily bases.

  2. The Anglophone/Ambazonia problem is not a person but a SPIRIT, and that spirit lives in all Anglophones.
    The SPIRIT to denounce injustice, fight against oppression, corruption, tyranny, isolation, restoration of social justice, the
    rule of law and the rejection of a second class status. FREEDOM IS A HUMAN RIGHT.

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