4 thoughts on “Who Killed General IVO, Why? And How?”

  1. General Ivo is a hero. His death would add more fuel to the revolution. We shall never surrender. Our independence is non-negotiable. We shall get it. LRC has no choice.

  2. Chaiii my brother, you be the real amba watch man. You be a real expert of our land. Pple weah they get ears, make them hear. You don talk am all. No crook in the name of Ayaba, Ivo tankou, Capo Daniel, Boh Hebert can destroy this struggle at the last push now. Thk God oooooooh our leaders like you pple are experts to quickly analyse things and get the truth. They will pay for the blood of our people at the end of the tunnel. Short live all of the destructors and sellouts, long live ambalanders.

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