Why do Nigeria Men like BIG WOMEN? (Nigerian Comedy Gist)

7 years ago

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Nigerian Comedy Gist: it is often assumed that African men like their women ‘large’ – not like those skinny Western models on magazine covers – so BattaBox heads out onto the streets of Lagos to ask men if – and why! – their African women “big”…!

“African women are so endowed – both the front and the back!” explains Odunayo, our BattaBox presenter. “So we’ll just be asking why they like big women – I hope we’ll get honest answers!”

“I like slim women because I can easily twist them… but the big ones are troublesome because they will twist you!” says one guy who tries to toast our Odunayo (can you imagine!)

Of course, there are plenty of other factors in determining your girlfriend, but as any honest man will admit, appearance is the first thing we see…

“I like the big ones!” says one guy, who says he is married. “I love something that can occupy the space!”

“I don’t like fat people – because of the smell and odour,” says one guy to the shock of BattaBox. This is real life Nigerian Comedy o!

There are a variety of names and terms given to slim or big African women… for example, Orobo is ‘big’ and Lepa is ‘slim’. But our answers include plenty of other phrases like ‘robust’!

But what is interesting, is that despite the general assumption that most African men like their women large – seems to be false with a great variety of opinions and tastes.

“I like the slim ones – but not too slim!”

“I’m short now – and short people, we like big things! See that short guy with that big African woman!” says one guy with a big smile. “We like flesh.”


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48 thoughts on “Why do Nigeria Men like BIG WOMEN? (Nigerian Comedy Gist)”

  1. of course most of these men are going to say they like slim women look at the interviewer SMH this was not well organized at all

  2. Haha thats funny. How would the guy say he likes big women while he stands before a slim one. haha really. That guy na lair.

  3. Theres no way you can find a big fat woman with a flat tommy, and what i canΒ΄t withstand is a woman with a big tommy and the worst part of it is when they start having kids, u no go fit differentiate them from papa ajasco

  4. Lol lol lol lmnao lol @4:45 that guy look like a black Yoda from the movie star wars lol 😁 sorry.men just like women got different taste of what they like.i like my guys black of course or dark Mexicans or indians skinny or slim built short or tall,cute sexy tan,brown or dark,good heart ❀ young legs thats what I like.thick guys,overly built,big or fat is not for me never have but I can be friends with them.lol sorry I like what I like

  5. Most black men especially African men love ❀ thick,big or fat women,thats what they its rare they like small,slim,skinny or petite women, but soon as those guys get mad the first thing they say fat bitch,its weird

  6. this is the first time that i watch this channel and lovin' it already… i'm from the Philippines..:-)

  7. The term is curvy, not "fat." I don't like the way you presented yourself on behalf of women in general. You seemed to have a problem with the big women, especially laughing at them when a man said slim. Men enjoy larger women for there confidence and maturity. I'm not large, nor slim, but I am curvy. We also know how to please a real man.

  8. Because skinny girls are complaining about landing to much, specially if you have three legs? but big girls can transform any place in to soften landing e don't matter how many but specially long legs are so welcome, you go big girls we love you

  9. One's attitude speaks volumes. As Yorubas will say, "A good manner is beautiful" that said intelligence and attitude goes a long way. Perhaps one is better off being slim before marriage cause you're likely going to put on weight after it.

  10. Hahahahah. This was hilarious lmao I love then interviewer she's soooo cute and full of life lol but the first guy in the pink is just a big Mumu

  11. I miss Africa so bad. I want to go back and live there. ;( I want to walk and live in the sun, and wear traditional clothes and walk and talk with people who have no filter and say it as it is.

  12. Big is better for sex. Cause of the flesh , the big boobs etc. I'm Arab AND African so I love big girls lmao. But slim ones have good feminine charm.

  13. I prefer fit women. Not too skinny nor too thick. I want to spend my life with them not let them kill themselves way before me.

  14. even if ur fat or slim it depends on how u manage ur hygiene I been with my nigerian bf for almost one year his an athletic man im fat one he say it's better to choose the fat one free pillow…hehehe than to choose the slim one ur just like sleeping with the dead… whatever it is of us has different choices and taste not all are same

  15. Oh good to know some women like to be objectified and classified according to their weight and physical attributes. Way to go Battabox, keep peddling your trashy little videos and semi literate presenters. Its unfortunate they are allowed to kill the brain cells of Nigerians with their horrid reports

  16. I am bbw and my Nigeria husband love me and don't smell.smell isn't from size it the person don't take her themselves

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