Why France produces the most World Cup players

1 year ago

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And some of the best.

For source material, make sure to check out the work of Darko Dukic here: https://runrepeat.com/most-football-talent-france

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This video has been updated. The following corrections were made:

0:17 Annotation has been updated to include all foreign-born Moroccan players.
0:40 Map has been edited to include additional players.
3:07 Inaccurate annotations of player origins have been removed.
5:20 A previous version of the map included all French-born players, not only those who were born or raised in Paris.

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France has had the most native players and coaches in the last 4 World Cups… and their dominance has been on the rise. Players like Kylian Mbappe and Paul Pogba are the children of immigrants and the product of the French soccer academy system. French- born players have played for Togo, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Argentina, Portugal, and many more.

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41 thoughts on “Why France produces the most World Cup players”

  1. This video has been updated and corrections can be found in the description. Sorry about the errors and thanks to all the commenters who helped us improve the video! – Mac & Sam

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  3. On est le champions ! on est les les champions ! On est on est on est les champions ! Fière d'être française ! Franchement quand on y réfléchi la France c'est quand même un sacré pays ❤ on a rien à envier aux autres.

  4. Bonjour je me permet quelques commentaires amateur

    Oui tout ça est vrai mais je ne vois pas ce que jean marie le pen viens faire dans l'histoire c'est un partie minoritaire raciste qui n'a jamais dirigée quoi que ce soit en France.

    La France black blanc beurre c'est plus une image de personne de différente couleur et ethnie, qu'une couleur de drapeau (sans remettre en cause l'immigration la reconstruction du pays etc etc..) c'est plutôt grâce a Mitterrand , Chirac etc, et a l'ouverture d'esprit du peuple français dont je fait partie père français mère kabyle qu'on peut parler de France black blanc beurre.

    Et aussi les couleurs du drapeau français bleu blanc rouge n'a pas de lien direct ou indirect avec les couleurs black blanc beurre (noir, blanc, marron) ou en tout cas je n'en n'ai jamais entendu parlé et peut être que je me trompe je n'avait que 10 ans a l’époque de la coupe du monde mais actuellement ce lien n'existe plus ça c'est sur.

    Pardonné mes erreurs si je me trompe dans mon analyse je ne suis pas historien
    et Merci pour ce petit documentaire

  5. Oh wow! France won the World Cup with a team of Sub-Saharan Africans! I wonder if this will help the French women who are constant victims of RAPE and/or SEXUAL ASSAULT by these "immigrants"! What a brainwashed American fool, protected from "diversity" by his money…..

  6. All this talk about the French soccer team being from the ghetto, or of African origin, etc, etc, is all well and good. What is of much greater importance is the integrity of the team. Take the 2009 example of blatant and deliberate hand ball by Thierry Henri, putting Ireland out of contention for the 2010 WC.

    During this year's tournament (2018) there was also deliberate handling of the ball, again by the French team, yet it has barely been mentioned. For sure, they're good, but a distinct air of arrogance and dishonesty sullies the win. In my view, they are undeserving winners of the 2018 WC.

  7. The real reason is the quality of the formation of football in France and the quality of french coaches.
    In other part the emigration is the good think for a nation not only for the football but also for all.

  8. some other clarification: Banlieus doesn't mean Ghetto, it means suburb. Mbappe's father has cameroonian origin but was born in france. it's a good analysis though.

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