Why francophones Guys dem like Bamenda girls dem so eh?

9 months ago

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Why francophones Guys dem like Bamenda girls dem so eh?

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25 thoughts on “Why francophones Guys dem like Bamenda girls dem so eh?”

  1. Cus bda girls over dull they think all man want marry dem so they will be like “let me work hard n put in my best, he might just be tasting me” even when he cheats openly they will be consoling them self.
    Bda girls no know life so francogolds di give dem what amba guys cant give dem.eg gd petting while amba r brutal.I do go

  2. when are bi still di look for woman for marritam are see some anglophone girl are discos with yi, yi tell me sey yi di go na evening school, and any time are bi di go for the school are bi di see difren difren fracophone way them di look yi to, any time way me na yi want talk na so them there for ma coner, want day are come are see them stand di wait yi again are hear them talk sey c,est un bamenda gars ils fout brande tas pas aussi since day are wash ma hand are go look difren girl are marritam?

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