Why I deleted my IG~Shekinah vs Tiny~America's Chicken shortage~Bill Gates divorcing+ PPP gofundme

1 week ago

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The Struggle Continues

27 thoughts on “Why I deleted my IG~Shekinah vs Tiny~America's Chicken shortage~Bill Gates divorcing+ PPP gofundme”

  1. You right! I’ve never been a meat eater. I’ve always been really picky. I’m 4’11 and really small. My niece looked full grown at 12 and she looked older than me.

  2. You mean to tell me that people out here catching felonies? Lord…My mother legitimately has a small business and it seems like the people who had one either didn't qualify or they didn't get very much. This is highly sus.

  3. Ppp went off employees. The more employees the more money. I seen 33 employees at a daycare and that daycare got 600,000 in ppp. 1 daycare πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  4. They want to censure you on Instagram but yet tomorrow they will decide whether or not to allow Donald Trump back on Facebook (that also owns Instagram)!!!

  5. We started a company in 2019. Since we didn’t use it in 2020 or filed taxes with it. Our tax guy said don’t even think about you had to file taxed and open the company before 2020. You don’t want a charge for fraud even if your using the company in 2021.

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