8 thoughts on “Why the problem of Ambazonia Terrorism is difficult to solve – Ndifoine Vera Case study – 05/01/2020”

  1. MKPD I enjoy this lesson of Examination of Conscience.
    This Revolution is deep down the blood of every Southern Cameroonian.
    The only first step towards a resolution of this crisis is when the vampire France-made regime will totally "ACKNOWLEDGE" and "RECOGNIZE" the Statehood of Southern Cameroon in a Federation.
    DIPLOMACY is the only option NOT WAR.

  2. My country man abeg try for encourage the military to use helicopters to neutralize this people who don't want to repent ,with helicopters while they the trucks moves from on the ground this will panic these fools

  3. Why is the Ambazonia problem difficult to solve now? Didn't your slave master say Ambazonians are just "two cubes of sugar" that will soon melt(dissolve). Please, be honest and stop calling these Restoration fighters "terrorists". Who is a terrorist? Who is the invader? Who is the intruder? Who is the exploiter? Is it not your slave master alongside his forces of occupation.?

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