Wilfred M. McClay | The Eric Metaxas Radio Show

1 year ago

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In “Land of Hope,” Historian Wilfred M. McClay tells the American story with energy and conviction to highlight the privileges and responsibilities of citizens in American society.
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The Struggle Continues

6 thoughts on “Wilfred M. McClay | The Eric Metaxas Radio Show”

  1. These interviews are fabulous. Like anything that’s very good there may be ideas to make them better. Interrupting the guests could be one.

  2. Very interesting and I am glad to hear Mr. McClay is trying to bring some balance to the teaching of national history in the United States of America. I don't necessarily share all the political ideology of many of my fellow Evangelical Christians, but I do wholeheartedly agree that to teach a kind of pessimism and disillusionment narrative in our schools sets the stage for apathy and disunity. Don't dismiss public schools as a whole, however; there are many wonderful public schools in this nation as well and public education is a vital part of our nation's history. I thank God for my teachers many years ago and know that the current generation of teachers in our small town are running their race with diligence and integrity, too. Peace! AR

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