Wilfred US – thunder

9 years ago

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i am a god


The Struggle Continues

47 thoughts on “Wilfred US – thunder”

  1. Are you serious?

    Este idiota pensa que só seu idioma pode existir.
    Este idiota piensa que sólo su lengua puede existir.
    Cet idiot pense que seule sa langue peut exister.
    Questo idiota pensa che solo la sua lingua può esistere.

    you got it? Idiot! There's not a single language in the world.

  2. ok. english is second language for me. i'm not good with that. so sometimes when i watching something, i need subtitle. couse i dont recognize some word.
    i think that guy service for people like me. so shut the fuck up!

  3. You do not need to whine about English being your second language. As far as I have seen in the comments you are the only person around here that needs help understanding what he says.

  4. i said "second language" because i'm pointing i am not good with that.
    and you say "i'm not the one of these people, i dont have trouble with english."
    i'm saying, i like this comment, because of this.
    if you do not have problem with english, so be it. you just dont like the comment.
    can you understand me?

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