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Winning BIGLY ——————————– Ghost towns 100% effective in Bonavada areas (Buea). …

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Winning BIGLY
Ghost towns 100% effective in Bonavada areas (Buea). Some parents have challenged the self acclaimed elites to first send their own kids to school before asking them to send their poor children to school. And that, scores of youth have graduated from the university and only staying home with no job to do while the so called elites have sent all their children abroad.

Friends, our people are wiser now than ever before and let no one think they could be manipulated again to a point where they jeopardize their own future like in the past. The struggle continues!

Courtesy of… Christian Ngwa Ndifor || 2017-02-06 08:01:50

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  1. One for all, all for one. The struggle continues. Effective ghost towns

  2. CORRECT the parents are right

  3. na soooooo we are winning

  4. Gil Shires says:

    Ghost town my people

  5. Elad Peter says:

    why ghost town is going on we have look for means to put up the ambasland flag in every aireas and school yard

  6. Gone are does days that we the People of west Cameroon can not speak out our feeling mougo don wise hahahahah


  8. When God is for us who can be against us? No body not even yde . thanks u Lord

  9. Denis Kembea says:

    Musonge where are you? Shame on you.

  10. Doni Tita says:

    oh my GOD i luv my ppl

  11. Southern Cameroon oooyyyyeee with God all is possible

  12. That’s the spirit! Thumbs up Brothers and sisters in Buea!👍
    Our day of joy will surely come!
    The struggle continues!

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