Women in Cameroon #EndAnglophoneCrisis Protest for Peace and Justice

3 weeks ago

The women in Bamenda in Cameroon’s North West region are taking the lead calling for peace and justice.

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The Struggle Continues

28 thoughts on “Women in Cameroon #EndAnglophoneCrisis Protest for Peace and Justice”

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  2. When something happens in Italy is termed what’s happening in Europe? Solidarity to Cameroon this has been going on for a while and no prominence is given to it, this is a stark reminder that, we are on our own!! and we need to fight and set our people free indeed and get rid of our brothers and leaders who are used as proxy colonisers!!

  3. Mother Africa is finally waking up! Without the women rising up, the crisis in Cameroon was never going to end! Trust me now, the crisis is going to end….these men that are involved in killing of our youth and kids are now going to put down their weapons if the protest of women continues, this is the same thing that happened in my country Liberia during the Civil war…..it was the women who rise and protested for the end of the Civil War! Because these men don't want to be killing their women them Trust me! The crisis in Cameroon will soon end! These women should not stop protesting!

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