World Peace is a corporation

2 years ago

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I’m living in 2017 reality and the truth is most charity, ngo organizations, modern money making religions, non-profits are devoted to raising funds for their survival and not for really helping poor people or have nots of the world become haves. Charity is a world business a money making bullshit industry based on getting more money instead of really genuinely helping poor people meet all their needs of “healthy” food clothing shelter love community.

We are warriors all of us in America. During World War 2 we faced a reality enemy where we didn’t worry about our self promote “selfie ego” about a hurt finger we actually did shit as warriors and not to cry like hurt babies that we hurt ourselves instead..

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We must all get mobilized to defeat the dark star enemies of our world and I have proof the queen Elizabeth and her evil gang are the world’s enemy by their ingenious use of capitalism to keep even those who think are free, your not as a slave. 

When something hurts you get your shit together and fix it up move on don’t cry like a baby be strong be a warrior! 

We should be discussing how to finally help the starving in Africa Asia and America and what we need to do to mobilize these efforts not some little cry baby finger lets help starving have nots become haves! We can do it now and rid global povert6 so have nots become haves.

Freedom is not in our reality we are corporate queen Elizabeth england british “divide and conquer” Alice in Wonderland “looking glass mentally ill” british childrens book mind fuck zombie asleep at the wheels of our own lives controlled by materialism, technology, overindulgence, underindulgence, false religions, false medical,false legal and false everything America is land of the slaves home of the zombies. 

Let’s talk about The subject of my book “looking glass shattered” identify all of whats broken in America and the broken world and all the ways we can fix it. Cordially, Rauri Freedom Fighters News Network 


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