WW3 – Army of Dajjal (Shiaism) Vs. Army of Islam (Sunnah)

6 years ago

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Filmed in the 90’s… Pretty sweet dance moves… Not sure if they intentionally made it hilarious… EDIT: It turns out Filmed in the 90’s… Pretty sweet dance moves… Not sure if they intentionally made it hilarious…

It turns out this is actually a scene from a movie, Pennin Manathai Thottu. The song is Kalluri Vaanil. The main dancers are Prabhu Deva and Jaya Sheel. Thanks to all the users who messaged me about this!

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Btw, if anyone can find a copy of the movie, please send me a link!!! (more) (less) Awesome Indian music video
Movie: Kadhalan Actor: Prabhu Deva Song: Muqabala Muqabala…India movie bollywood
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The Struggle Continues

24 thoughts on “WW3 – Army of Dajjal (Shiaism) Vs. Army of Islam (Sunnah)”

  1. no one can ever defeat islam because every man on human on earth takes his breath because allah allows them to if he dont then he or she wont be alive and the leader of islam is allah how can even someone destroy islam its impossible

  2. What has Shia done to Sunnis…we r one:/ Please don't let fight among us Muslims.. ISRAEL N AMERICA IS THE ONE WE SHOULD GO AFTER KILLED SO MANY INNOICENT PPL

  3. Israel supported Iran in it's war with Iraq. Israel supports Hezbollah over the Palestinians in Lebanon. Israel created Hamas, which Iran supports. Hezbollah, which is Iranian, has recently announced their intention of entering the conflict in Syria to save the Shia-Alawite power structure in Syria. The war in Iraq, helped Shia come to power, and now they are persecuting Sunni Muslims and all other Muslims. Shia groups like Alawite and Ismaili have historically sided with Jews and Christians.

  4. There are many Hadith of the army of Dajjal coming from Iran, specifically the city of Isfahan. And that they will be wearing black turbans, such as which the Hezbollah wear. And that an army will come from Khorasan with black banners. And that the Madhi will be among them, and that they will travel from Khorasan to Syria and Israel. We are seeing this take place at this time. Check out h t t p://blackflags1.blogspot.c o m/

  5. Afghanistan makes up most of the Khorasan region. And the war in Syria is a prophesied in the Hadith, and that the Romans (U.S.A. and European allies) would intervene.

  6. Muslim killing anyone which is innocent is haram. And anyone which calls a Shia or sunni or wahabi a non Muslim is doing a grave sin, we have difference BUT IF WE STAND AS ONE WE CAN UNITE. We should help all our brother and sister. Muslim is anyone that believe the is no God but Allah set and prophet Muhammad pbuh is a muslim. Before the end of khalafia we sunni and shia was one we had one art one land and we were the best. The west were scared of us. Now we are divided because the west wanted to make us weak and we fell for there trap and now are fighting. Wahabi you need to change yourself because terrorism has no place in Islam. My Sunni and shia brother and sister we need to stand once again. I am Sunni but I love my Shia sister. Shia you need yo do same for the sake of imam Hussain as. If we stand as one we can destroy anyone trying to divide us. Look time of prophet Muhammad pbuh he taught Muslim not to divide.

  7. you are an agent of djaal! you only serve to drive a rift between muslims and by allah you will fail! indeed you do not fear allah! and that is foolish of you, so go back to your home o dajjal, and fear the day when the caller will call, and your sins will be shown before you! woe to you, oh woe to you enemy of islam, oh enemy of allah!

  8. anything i want to laugh at this wahhabi saudi wahhabi isis is killing the muslims in whole middle east if you have eyes tell me where shia are killing sunni but sunnis since after the death of prophet killing all muslims this video is really funny its impossible for muslims to unite with takfiri as they are brothers of jews said by late saudi king

  9. and plz dont say anything of unity as muslims can be unite with muslims not with takfiri as they are killing yemenis with all their forces and using isis as their puppet and changing the true islam paving the way to dajjal if u have real eyes opwn them and see who is protecting ialam (iran) and who is defaming islam tje takfiris ( saudi ,qatar ,turkey,isis,and the gulf monarchies)

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