Xenophobia: Nigerian lawmaker reveals how South Africans killed 160 Nigerians in 2 years

1 year ago

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A federal lawmaker representing Aninri/Agwu/Oji-Uzo constituency, Toby Okechukwu, has challenged Nigerian government to rise against the spate of xenophobia among South Africans, which he said had led to deaths of over 160 Nigerians in the last two years.

Speaking on the trend on the floor of the House on Wednesday May 23, the lawmaker said Nigeria loses five of her citizens on the streets of South Africa monthly.

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He said it is unfortunate that South Africa resorted to repaying Nigeria with attacks on her citizens after the largest black nation helped it overcome apartheid, which subjected her citizens to unprecedented torture on the continent few decades ago.

Reading from a report, he said: “From this paper, and based on the data available, every month, five Nigerians are killed in South-Africa, it doesn’t have to be in a particular month. But by the reading here, it says that we should condemn the killings of Nigerians, both Chidi Ndibike and Sunday Ezekiel on the 17th and fith of May, 2018 respectively, and other 160 Nigerians gruesomely murdered in South Africa in the last two years.

“You just do the mathematics, it averages five persons per month. You can imagine the population of Nigerians in South Africa and to down five people per month.

“It is sad that 20 years or so after, what to pay us with back is to kill Nigerians on the street of South Africa. That level of xenophobia or crime should not be tolerated in a civilized society. I do not see any record of Nigeria or any South Africa making the headlines of being killed in Nigeria. That is the way Nigeria has conducted its affairs.

“We’ve been our brothers’ keepers, we’ve been our brothers neigbours. We don’t kill people. We have our problems, but we show that spirit of brotherhood. South Africa should think and put that thinking into practice. The level of guns available in the street of South Africa offends human conscience. No society operates that way.”


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9 thoughts on “Xenophobia: Nigerian lawmaker reveals how South Africans killed 160 Nigerians in 2 years”

  1. Not only killing. Today they are being depirted in degrading manner. Buhari is a failure. When he is encouraging fulani to kill inside Nigeria raping and humiliated. Why di you support the killings of Igbo youth in Biafra, Afara Ukwu and Igweoch, enugwu etc.

  2. Start respecting your citizens as Government and provide food, jobs, education and social welfare and stop corruption and thinking of your family alone, you are the reason Nigerians dont have hope in their country…useless Nigerians

  3. Why y'all so obsess with South Africa citizenship. Fix your country . We cant have big illegal immigrants who can do anything course we are brothers hell No!! Thing again

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