25 thoughts on “Yes ANOTHER Ambazonia Child Soldier – So SAD”

  1. Ayuk Tabe and all his accomplices must rot in prison for the remain of their lives. How many parents have already lost a child because of this madness? A child who has been brainwashed. This’s absolutely outrageous, and insane. And you still have so called adult people who support this. What are you going to do with so many unstable young people when you will gain your “ so-called independence? “ if never.

  2. The level of insanity amongst ambazonians is extremely high. They have ran out of all options. No country in the international community is supporting them. They have only few soldiers left. They are very desperate, so they are now using babies to fight their dirty war. This is extremely cruel.

  3. All the people of Ambazonia asked or did was a peaceful protest match for their RIGHT of Federation after 50yrs. Biya’s arrogance is turning that region into something that you all will regret. Paul Biya is RESPONSIBLE.

  4. Ma KONTRI PiPO DEM ; anyone who thinks he can beat people, oppress people, lock people, & kill a people to keep them quiet, does not understand Human Nature. If u support Biya & LRC, it means you don’t understand “Human Nature”. All this is happening bcuz is Biya’s regime.

  5. Ambazonian oboso 💪.. that's to show that we are United.. it's our land ambaland. In the case of ambazonian all ,every body need to carry gun ,biya and his followers are Tyrans. .no body will listen to you my kontry pipo.anyway ,you are doing your job that you have been paid for.enjoy your money abroad and continue your work why are struggle still live😂😂😂😂..if you want all this to stop ,this is not the right channel you should take Mr man.am telling you time and again the president has the solution if so call pipo like want this to stop you should negotiate things with your teams you know them all in yde to get a satisfactory solution that will favour the ambazonian if not, for ever last this struggle will be, you are wasting your time.very soon you will start see old mother's ,father's even stones fighting to liberate amba land 😁..we are tired .

  6. Sad!… isn’t it sad 🤔? For the past 2yrs, Ambazonians & the world has been calling for dialogue but stubborn Biya can’t listen. Can u see that this crisis ONLY keeps getting worse? How did we get to this point? 🗣..”Can u answer this question”.?

  7. Ma Kontri Pipo Dem, you cannot believe it! They are now commenting your videos on all social media platforms. Hahahahaha, they are going to bleed for all the Anglo youths they have sacrificed for POWER. Let them fasten the seatbelts, this our free ride with them is going to be very-very rough. Once Biya is done with them, we'll come after them for pay time for every single lost Anglo-soul. Anglos cannot perish in vain while those who sacrificed them are spitting on their bodies. I for one, can never betray them. I'll fight these MAD people till the end. Whenever you get tired, just raise up the baton in-between your palms. That sprint is going to last…

  8. Those criminal manipulators so called generals residing in the USA and Europe are cowards who brainwashed and destroyed other people families while they are hiding abroad with theirs but the good thing is the world and the foreign representatives(ambassadors)in Cameroon know that Mr Biya is not the problem but the criminal diasporians.this child will die and the criminal diasporians will not care in fact they will not even know that he is dead.

  9. Please ambazonians have real fighters which is been controlled by the IG which we all knows,those you can find there are gang of thieves sponsor by lrp,responsible in kidnapping for ransom, killings of other fighters sabotaging etc which are the ADF you can see that for yourself. You are right we are against involving little children to take out weapons for war battles. But let me remind you, these things will always occur but it will not stop the people for having their victory,these are the period of trials to overcome their victory.some people will be wicked, some discouraged, some will become more stronger,some will be moderate, some saying all manner of things,many will be encourage and also many will be discourage etc these things must happen,it will take you time from seeing far as i am seeing because everything has time.everything that comes with sacrifice must end up with a price. These people never took arms they were just asking for their basic right and all manner of things happen to them involving killings, just from that perspective you will see that,they are fighting a just cost and victory is coming soon thanks.

  10. Look at this.this 10 years boy will be terrorising even his own parents with this gun.his parents will have to sit down listen to him and follow his instructions because he owns and carrying a gun.😀😀😀😀🤣🤣🤣

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