Yuvaraj Swamy Owning Assets Worth Over A Hundred Crore Rupees, Benami Properties Are Found

4 weeks ago

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Yuvaraj Swamy Owning Assets Worth Over A Hundred Crore Rupees, Benami Properties Are Found…,

A court here has issued an order permitting attachment of 26 properties worth over Rs 50 crore belonging to Yuvaraj alias Sevalal Swamy. Swamy has been accused of collecting crores of rupees from mainly politicians by bluffing to them that he has high level contacts, and by promising them to bag posts of governor, Rajya Sabha member, BMTC chairperson, government posts, seats in colleges etc.

These properties are located in the city and various other places. This step was taken pertaining to 14 cases filed against Swamy in various police stations here including the cyber crime police station. Most of these properties are standing in the name of Yuvaraj’s wife, it is said. A few of the properties are also in the name of Yuvaraj and his children. Public prosecutor, B S Patil, said that the 67th sessions court here has passed an interim order barring disposal of any of these illegal properties.

It is believed that Yuvaraj Swamy may be owning assets worth over a hundred crore rupees. If Benami properties are found, the value will go up further. He acquired these properties out of money he earned through illegal means, Patil stated, adding that the properties were attached as per sections 3 and 4 of the criminal law amendment ordinance. The properties attached are in Maddur taluk of Mandya district, Sakleshpur in Hassan district, Bommaghatta in Bengaluru south taluk, site and house in Nagarbavi in the city, Mallattahalli, Hegganahalli, Ullala, a few sites and commercial properties.

Central crime branch joint police commissioner, Sandeep Patil, said that properties of the accused have been attached and a search for more properties has been launched. He said that several people defrauded by Swamy are yet to file complaints and therefore, more complaints are expected to be registered in course of time.

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